Pucón: La Meca del deporte y la aventura

Pucón: La Meca del deporte y la aventura

Pucón es una pequeña ciudad a los pies del Volcán Villarrica y a orillas del lago que lleva el mismo nombre. Es una ciudad conocida por sus playas y la fiesta, pero en esta ocasión hablaremos de los deportes que se pueden practicar en este fantástico lugar.

hidrospeedEl Río Trancura es el más famoso de los ríos a los que se puede acceder desde Pucón. En el Trancura se pueden realizar actividades como el Rafting, Hidrospeed y Kayaking, así como Canopy de una extensión de 3 km.
El Rafting consiste en bajar el rio dentro de una balsa con capacidad para 8 personas y un guía o instructor, donde el trabajo en grupo y la coordinación son fundamentales para lograr sortear los rápidos, rocas y remolinos con que se encontrarán al realizar esta actividad.
El Hidrospeed es una experiencia completamente distinta, ya que te encontraras descendiendo por el río sobre una tabla de espuma. Esta actividad se realiza en grupo y es muy entretenida.
Kayaking es una actividad un tanto más compleja, ya que requiere de conocimientos sobre el deporte ya que se realiza de forma individual sobre una canoa, pero si sabes hacer Kayaking, el Río Trancura es uno de los mejores de Chile para realizar esta actividad.
En el Canopy recorrerás 3 km a lo ancho del río, colgando desde una cuerda, lo que te permitirá disfrutar de la adrenalina y de una vista privilegiada del río. Todas estas actividades las podrás cotizar en Aguaventura y en Turismo Trancura.

Paracaidismo PucónOtras actividades  que se pueden realizar en Pucón, son Paintball, Paracaidismo, Bengee Jumping, Parapente, Ascensos al Volcan, Tour a las Termas y Paseo en Bicicleta.

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You have definitely come to the right place if you are an adventure lover; Pucón is indeed the Mecca for adventures sports.

Pucon is based in the abode of the Villarrica Volcano and in the foot hill of Patagonian Andes mountain range. The city has local population of around 20,000 people; famous in history for its Mapuche ancestors and the German colonists who inhabited the region and built Gudenschwager, the first hotel in the city in 1923.

Its wonderful base for adventure vacations makes the city overrun with travelers especially between December to February, busiest and hence costliest time to explore the city. Pucon is surrounded by two beautiful national parks – the Huerquehue and the Villarrica. Like any other region, activities are largely based on the season, during the winter skiing and snowboarding are very active sports and on the summer you can explore rafting, hiking, trekking, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, and canopy trails; and of course natural termas are available round the year at your comfort.


How to reach

Pucón is located (Santiago to Pucon – 790 kilometers/10 hours drive, Source: Pasaje Bus) to the south of Santiago; also accessible from the Panamericana Route or through the Mamuil Malal Pass from Argentina.  You can easily access the city either though plane (Pucon Airport – Santiago to Pucon, cost between US$150-200/return trip) or by bus (Santiago to Pucon bus terminal, cost between US$80-85/return trip). Bus from Santiago to Pucon includes – Tur Bus, Pullman Bus, JAC, Fichtur VIP and Los Corsarios (Source: Pasaje Bus). For best price, schedule and easy online bus booking to Pucon, you can check PasajeBus.com, Chile’s biggest and most trusted online bus ticket booking platform.


Feel what it means to be on the Top of the World


Villarica Volcano, Pucon, Pasaje Bus

Mount Villarica VolcanoBased on 2800 meters elevation, Villarica Volcano is among the most active volcanoes in Chile and ten most active volcanoes in the world with permanent fumaroles. Locally the volcano is known as Rucapillán, a Mapuche word meaning “House of the Pillán” or “House of the spirit”. This is a must do if you are in Pucon, indeed a life time experience. It takes 5-6 hours hiking to reach the top of the volcano, definitely not an easy climbing; but the feeling of being on top of one of the most active volcano in Chile is definitely astonishing and victorious. If you are lucky and smart you might get a chance to look into the volcano rim; sliding down on snow is super fun. You don’t have to be a professional climber, just make sure you are fit and relaxed before you start, rest everything would be fun. Also, don’t forget to carry water, you tour agent will also suggest you this anyways.

 Feel the Paradise

Huerquehue National Park: Pucon-Huerquehue-National-Park-300x179Pucón to Huerquehue National Park – 35 kilometers on the road to Caburgua/half an hour drive, Temuco to Huerquehue National Park – 145 kilometers/two hours drive, best transportation: rent a car, this will allow you to continue to explore this unique area. 

Located in the foothills of the Andes, the national park was developed in 1967 to protect and preserve the area. Distinguished by its mountainous geography and crystalline lakes and lagoons, the main entrance of the park is just 2 kilometers away from beautiful Tinquilco Lake. Easily accessible round the year, this wonderful park offers wide range of recreational choice, from simply admiring nature to fishing, swimming, mountaineering, trekking, wildlife observation, horseback riding, cultural tours, and photography.

You should not miss the hiking on Los Lagos trail, it’s is a full day activity and completely worth it. Shreya loved the two great view points and keeps reminding me, one overlooking the lake and the other one facing the volcano. I would also strongly recommend Kayaking and picnic at the lake, it’s wonderful.

The park is open from Monday to Sunday between 08:30 to 18:00 hours. The entrance is CLP$2200 for adults and CLP$600 for kids.


Long drive, expensive, but don’t miss it.

Termas Geometricas:termas-225x300 (From Pucón to Geométricas Hot Springs – 60 kilometers/one and a half hours drive, from Villarrica to Geométricas Hot Springs 90 kilometers/two hours drive, best transportation: rent a car, Source: Pasaje Bus).

After a long day climbing the volcano, or rafting, there’s no better way to relax then in the hot springs. Termas Geometricas, historically known as Cajón Negro, are immersed within the regal beauty of the Villarica National Park, near the town of Coñaripe; it’s surrounded by a lush forest and the pools blend nicely into the scenery. This location was discovered by a famous architect (Germán del Sol) years ago and the area is constructed mainly with woods.


The hot springs boast 17 separate thermal pools with water temperatures that vary between 95°F and 108°F (35°C and 42°C). There are sufficient number of bathrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and an outdoor barbecue area that functions as a cafeteria. If you are a vegetarian don’t miss the pumpkin soup otherwise I heard chicken soup is superb especially after termas.



Being Tarzan

Canopying: Cannopying-Pucon-300x225We loved it, specially the two girls, Shreya and her friend Heena. Although I am fine with the adventure sports, but on this after a while I was really scared for my wife; don’t to know why – it was hard for me to let her slide on those long metallic cables. Anyways, canopying is safe, easy and great fun, you have to cross over rivers connecting long trees; really long! You will be hanged on leather stripes with strong metal cables while sliding between treetops. Tour agents offers two different options, expensive one includes four extra slides.


Superb white water, unforgettable experience

Trancura River raftingTrancurais among the most important rivers in the Chilean Andean area. You have two choices, the lower Tancura which has grade III good rapids, around one and a half hours adventure in the river, good enough for beginners. The higher Trancura is much different and quite adventurous, difficult for me, definitely! It starts quite softly and the rapids keep getting stronger as you flow along.

River-Rafting-PasajeBus-300x225This is one of the most unforgettable rafting I ever had in my life, perhaps in all of our lives (me and my friends family). Our guide lost complete control of the boat and asked our wives to jump off the boat; both of them were standing in the middle of the river supporting a rock, the current of the water flow was quite strong and it was hard for them to manage. Meanwhile, the guide lost the boat once again and we (me and Rashim, my friend) were left alone on the boat, none of us are good swimmer. Fortunately, there was one another boat just behind us and the guide from that boat managed to handle the situation and rescued us safely.


Best place to stay in PuconSammasati-Pucon-PasajeBus-1-300x225

Sammasati Ashram: ‘Sammasati’ meaning right mindfulness and if you are looking for inner harmony, quiet adventure and peaceful mind, this is the perfect getaway to let your soul take a vacation.

We stayed here and decided to make this our permanent house whenever we are in Pucon. Adjacent to the main ashram you can enjoy the magnificent view of both Lake Villarrica and the Villarrica Volcano. It’s tough to describe the beauty of the ashram for an amateur blogger like me, for me it’s “must see and live-in” place in Pucon.

Sammasati ashram is about 10 minutes drive from the Pucon city, don’t worry if you don’t have private vehicle, the ashram provides “on demand” transportation between the city and the ashram at a reasonable cost (CLP$2500/US$4, each time).

We visited Sammasati ashram on recommendation from an ex-ambassador of India and got some discounts as well, we paid for a private double bedroom cabin around CLP40,000/night (US$65/night).

I am not completely sure but I think the Sammasati ashram is a fully vegetarian or semi vegetarian (may be egg) place. Some of the fruits and vegetables served on lunch were completely organic and farmed inside the ashram. The fully-equipped open kitchen has all the amenities; and the food is always served fresh. The owner of the ashram Aseema is very humble and caring.


Best vegetarian restaurant in Pucón

ECOLE(Good food at good price, funky and cool ambiance): We tried at-least five different restaurants but ecole was always our first choice.  We didn’t stay here but kept returning for the fresh vegetables, homemade mapuche breads, and incredible courtyard vine. If you are vegetarian try their Lasania, it’s wonderful.


Author: Amit Sodani

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